Gov. Whitmer Signs FY23 Budget

July 20, 2022 - Jeremy Reuter

Governor Signs FY2023 Budget

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a balanced, bipartisan state budget for Fiscal Year 2023 that delivers supported investments in MSU’s dairy barn upgrade and campus greenhouse projects.

Other key investments that support MSU students, faculty, staff, and Michigan residents include: 

  • A 4% increase in general operations funding was included in the annual public higher education base-funding and the largest increase in funding in over a decade
  • Tuition cap has been set at 5.0%. MSU approved an undergraduate increase of 3.0% during the June 2021 Board of Trustees meeting. 
  • MSU Extension and AgBioResearch will each receive an equivalent increase of base-funding of 4%.  
  • MSU Extension continues to serve residents in all 83 counties, with year-round programming for Michigan residents.
  • AgBioResearch continues its innovative, multidisciplinary research that combines scientific expertise with practical experience to generate advancements in food, health, and the environment while operating research stations across Michigan as part of the 25,000+ acres managed by MSU.
  • $53.0 million in funding for renovations and new construction of MSU’s Dairy Cattle Teaching & Research Center that will improve staff, animal, and building safety, as well as the quality and capacity of MSU research — which supports increased growth and sustainability of the $15.7 billion dairy industry in Michigan. 
  • Included in the same $53.0 million is funding to modernize MSU’s greenhouse facilities and infrastructure, which will help increase farming efficiency and profitability. This project will support one of Michigan’s most important and dynamic industries. One that impacts all 83 counties in Michigan. 
  • Continued annual funding for MIDOCS (Michigan Doctors Improving Access to Care) at $6.4 million.MSU is one of four medical schools working with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) on MIDOCs to recruit and retain medical providers to increase access to care in rural and urban underserved .
  • $3.0 million funding for the Detroit MSU/Apple Academy partnership. Participating individuals 18 or older can become a world-class developer using Apple’s iOS ecosystem. The Academy focuses on coding, design, entrepreneurship, and essential professional skills.