2023 Spartan Caucus

January 3, 2023 - J. Reuter

Congratulations to the 30 Michigan State University Alumni that successfully ran for state office positions, including Governor Gretchen Whitmer, seven members of the State Senate, and 22 members of the State House.

These members will be part of our ongoing Spartan Caucus, comprised of alum legislators in office. During the previous session, the caucus was composed of 27 members. 

Several Spartan legislators have been selected for critical legislative leadership positions in the State Senate and House. Representative Joe Tate has been selected as Speaker of the House and made history by becoming the first Black lawmaker to hold that title. In the Senate, Sam Singh has been named Majority Floor Leader and is the first Indian American elected to the chamber. Senator Jeremy Moss will serve as President Pro Tem.

We anticipate representation from Spartan legislators on several key legislative committees, including appropriations and policy committees, impacting the university, education, agriculture, natural resources, infrastructure, and many other critical issues facing the state in 2023.

We are proud of MSU’s representation in the state's decision-making bodies and look forward to working with each member in 2023.

2023 Spartan Caucus members by chamber/district:


Jeremy Moss – District 7

Michael Webber – District 9

Kevin Hertel – District 12

Thomas Albert – District 18

Dan Lauwers – District 25

Sam Singh – District 28

Kristen McDonald Rivet – District 35


Abraham Aiyash – District 9

Joe Tate – District 10

Lori Stone – District 13

Stephanie Young – District 16

Laurie Pohutsky – District 17

Kelly Breen – District 21

Pauline Wendzel – District 39

Christine Morse – District 40

Jim Haadsma – District 44

Kathy Schmaltz – District 46

Doug Wozniak – District 59

Joseph Aragona – District 60

Josh Schriver – District 66

Jasper Martus – District 69

Julie Brixie – District 73

Kara Hope – District 74

Penelope Tsernoglou – District 75

Emily Dievendorf – District 77

Rachel Hood – District 81

Kristian Grant – District 82

John Fitzgerald – District 83

Bryan Posthumus – District 90